Our Story

How we went from one person and a fax machine to selling millions of pounds of premium shrimp every year 


Seeing that the U.S. shrimp market was growing exponentially, Brian Wynn realized he could solve major industry problems by directly partnering with shrimp producers in Southeast Asia.

He referred to this vertical integration as "Crossing the Rubicon" - a point of no return, and subsequently named the company Rubicon Resources for its impact on the industry.

Brian bought a Gateway computer and a fax machine. As soon as he plugged it in, purchase orders began pouring out.


Our team grew to over 20 full-time employees. We moved to our current corporate campus in Culver City, California.


We partnered with Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. to create

oven-ready seafood entrées and appetizers.


 The U.S. Department of Commerce determined we were among the most vertically integrated shrimp companies, thereby reducing duties on our shrimp imports.


We were acquired by High Liner Foods Inc. for $107 million.


We continue to supply premium seafood products to major retail and foodservice customers across North America.