Award-winning products that customers love

We produce high-quality seafood and specialty items that resonate with today's consumer and help your business thrive

Skinpack Shrimp


Sleek and stylish seafood packaging relevant to modern shoppers.

Bagged Shrimp

Premium, bagged shrimp customers know and love.

Cocktail Shrimp

We popularized pull-vein, cooked-in-shell shrimp in North America.

What does that mean? Your product will be more colorful and taste better.

Breaded Shrimp

A customer favorite - perfectly crispy, crunchy and savory.


We produce both shrimp and vegetable versions of this classic Asian dish.

Tempura Shrimp

This authentic Japanese recipe makes light and crispy battered shrimp that customers love.

Fried Rice

Traditional Asian-style fried rice made with premium ingredients and flavorful spices.