We built a world-class sustainable supply chain that's perfect for you

Make sure the food you sell lives up to your promise

Customers increasingly want to know where their seafood comes from and that the farming methods are sustainable.


We help ensure your product is fully traceable from the farm to plate.

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Thailand's Shrimp Aquaculture Revolution

By buying our products, you are investing at the farm level via aquaculture improvement projects. Rubicon Resources directly supports projects like the Sam Roi Yot and Chantabhuri Farm Collectives.


Rubicon supply chain

Each part of the world grows different sizes of shrimp and harvests at different times. Our data and experience helps us navigate this complex sourcing landscape on your behalf.

In addition to Thailand, we source from India, Indonesia, and Vietnam when your business requires flexibility.


We also create premium products in 13 strategically located processing facilities. 

Meet a few farmers

Khun Nathaporn

Satun, Thailand

Khun Nathaporn is part of the new generation of shrimp farmers. He studied fisheries science and aquaculture at university in Chiang Mai. His farm is located in Satun, Thailand and produces 170 metric tons of vannamei shrimp per year. He is a firm believer in keeping pond water clean. When he isn't farming, Khun Nathaporn enjoys going to the beach with his fiancé.

Mr. and Mrs. Dusit

Trat, Thailand

Mr. and Mrs. Dusit operate a 14-pond farm in Trat, Thailand. Mr. Dusit was a recent college graduate practicing law when a friend taught him and his wife how to grow shrimp. They have had great success farming shrimp and have perfected a method of production that yields over 90% survival. Together, they produce over 100 metric tons of shrimp per year.

Mr. Tran Quoc Van

Nhung Mien, Vietnam

Mr. Tran Quoc Van loves seafood. He began his career as a fisherman before transitioning to aquaculture. Mr. Tran operates a sustainable mangrove farm in the Nhung Mien area of Vietnam. At his farm, he naturally grows black tiger shrimp, seabass, and crab. Mr. Tran has two sons.